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Lisa Simpson Mai 30, 2008

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I love to watch the Simpsons. I think all people of Springfield are cool. But my favourite Simspons character is Lisa Simpson.

It’s only because of the name, no, I think she is a cool person.

What is so special at her?

She’s got yellow skin. No, she is the most responsible girl in the whole town because she worries about the environment. Further she is a vegetarian and she loves to play the saxophone. She is good in school besides from sport. Lisa lives very exemplary.

She is eight years old and better in reading, maths and so than her father Homer Simpson. She always wants to protect nature and animals. Typical for her is quarrelling with her stupid brother Bart. Finally the help each other and save Springfield for another time. She loves to go to school and she always gets +A.

The religion of Lisa is different from there of the rest of the family. She is a Buddhist. Her family is catholic.

Milhouse loves her but she doesn’t like him.

In the movie “The Simpsons” she finds her “Big love” named Collin. He is from Ireland and a musician. He also wants to protect the Springfield Lake and so they felt in love.


Last Samurai Oktober 16, 2007

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On Saturday I watched a very exciting film called „Last Samurai“. This film I think is marvellous and the scenery is breathtaking.


It is about Captain Nathan Algren  from the US who has to go to Japan. There he has to cultivate the army for the emperor. But when they lost the fight against the Samurai  Algren has been abducted by the Samurai. He was delayed in the village Daimyo which belongs to the Samurai. The Samurai are  very good fighters who don’t want to fight with canons and guns. They fight with sword.


In Daimyo Algren meets Taka, a Japanese woman who has got two children. Her husband was murdered by Algren, and Katsumoto who is the chief of the village and the brother of Taka.  Algren can’t escape of the town because it is in the mountains and the passes are barred with snow. In that time he really learns to fight with the sword.


After some time Katsumoto becomes a very good friend of Algren and the talk very often. He also learns to like the Samurai and after some time Taka and Algren fall in love.

In spring Algren walks back but there is the army which has become better than it was at the last meeting. There is one big battle but then there is peace.
In the end Algren comes back to Taka and they live in love and peace until they die.
I think this film was very cool because there are very exciting fight scenes and the film is also amazing.