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Theres <3 Mai 30, 2008

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Theres Scheiblauer, one of my best friends, is 14 years old and has birthday on 18 of May 1994. She lives in Ybbs her father because her mother lives in Vienna. Two years ago Theres moved from Vienna to Ybbs. We are in the same class in BG/BRG Wieselburg since she came to Ybbs.

As you can see on the picture, Theres has got brown hair and blue-green eyes. She isn’t too short but not really tall and she is slim.

We are friends since two years and now I know her very well. She really loves to go swimming, running and cycling. She’s also a very good table tennis player and so she decided to go to the club in Ybbs. She also loves to play tennis and together with Michaela we want to visit a tennis camp in summer. Therefore Theres is very sporty. But she also loves shopping, watching “Germany’s next Topmodel”, texting, going out and having fun. She really can be crazy. (She also likes to sit on her swing and writing poems there. *lol*)

Now something to her character: She is very honest and helpful. So I can tell her all my secrets because I know that she won’t tell it anybody. Theres is also self-confident, funny, happy, polite, smart, balanced and cute. Her parents live apart from each other and Theres has no siblings.

After the A-levels she wants to study journalism and economy and she wants to become a good journalist.Theres, Michaela, Doris & I always make very crazy things and I think that our friendship will go on for years. Next year we won’t go in the same class because Michaela and I are going to change the school and Doris and Theres are going to go in the BG/BRG Wieselburg on. I hope that we will always be friends.


My granny

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My grandma’ Rosa Zierfuß is 59 years old and she has birthday on 26th July, 1948. She lives in Schöllenbach next to Petztenkirchen and she’s got four siblings. There are her elder sisters Aloisia, Hemine, Maria and her younger sister Magarethe. Her mother Hermine Bugl lives with Luise, Luise’s husband and their children in Unterhaus in Sarling. Granny’s dad died in a car accident.

My grandma is married with Josef Zierfuß since 26th October 19 . They have two children: Regina, who is my mum, and Manuela, who is my godmother. So some hobbies from my grandma: riding her bike, going shopping with me, travelling, going into spas and her sauna, caring about her grandchildren, laughing and so on.

Five years ago she has got a tom-cat called Blacky, which was very funny. But he died because he was too old. Now she hasn’t got an animal although she loves cats. Moreover she also loves my cat Petzi.

Rosa is a good grandma. I always go to her on Tuesday because I’ve got school in the afternoon. There are two lessons where I’ve off and so I go in this time to her. I really enjoy coming to her because she’s the best cook I know and she cares good about me. After having meal we go shopping in the “Citycentre”.

(from left to right: my grandpa Franz Bernhard, my grandma Auguste Bernhard, my grandma Rosa Zierfuß and my grandpa Josef Zierfuß)

She’s the best grandma and I hope that we always will understand each other as good as we can now.


My brother

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I’ve got a 7 year old brother named Johannes. His birthday is on 4th July 2000. He is 1, 40 meter tall and he has got brown hair and green-brown eyes.

He is a funny and bit crazy guy. He is a naughty little beggar. He can also be cheeky and he loves to take centre stage. He also is dependent for instance he doesn’t want to bring himself something to drink.

He loves to play football, Buzz, watch “Die wilden Kerle”, collect football stickers, swim, go to/watch football matches, play the guitar and so on.

He has two turtles called Seppi and Karli, which love to eat salad.

He plays football in the U9 in Ybbs and he is a real fan. He likes Rapid and has lots of green things. His best friend Jakob is also a Rapid fan and the two where on a match already together.

After the elementary school he wants to go in the BG/BRG Wieselburg and after four years there he wants to attend a HTL in Krems. He thinks that he will become a famous football star or a master builder. I don’t think that what he says now will come true because now he is so young and he can’t know what he will be in ten years.

I hope I have told you the most important things of my brother.


Michaela <3

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One of my best friends is Michaela Luger, who is 14 years old and lives in Ybbs. Her birthday is on 30 of January 1994 and she has two brothers: Roland (12) Matthias (5)

She is slim and tall. Michaela has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

She has got modern glasses and a brace, which she hates but she is happy because she will take the brace down in August.

We know us since our first school day in the elementary school in Ybbs. Our parents knew them before and so we quickly got best friends. So we are in the same class since the first form.

Michaela is very sporty because she goes running every day. Therefore she is the best in sport. She is funny, self-confident, nice, happy, smart and honest. I can talk with her about all my problems.

She doesn’t live far away from me and so we meet us very often. We love to go cycling, shopping, into the cinema, at parties and into “Shoko” together. We also decided to go to the tennis club. We really have a lot of fun.

Next year we won’t go in the same school but my school is on the opposite of her school. So we will see us in the bus and in the breaks again. I hope our friendship will never last although I knew that the most friends lost each other after passing the A-levels.


The friendship between Karin and me Mai 29, 2008

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One of my best friends is Karin Strohmüller. We know us since our first kinder garden day. She is just one year older than I am. First I want to tell you something about the kinder garden time. When we met us first I played with her memory. At the end of the first day I asked her: “Do you want to be best friends?” and she answered with yes. When I got the next day to the kinder garden I was really exited because I want to see my new best friend again.

We had a real cool time and then were the time when Karin came to my place first. This day was so funny. We went to the playground and played with my guinea pig. So we do that very often but I never went to her place. The reason for not coming to her was her elder brother, Alexander. Now he is 17 years old and he is a funny guy but when I was younger I really was afraid of him. But one day, when Karin was at my place, we brought her home because her mum wasn’t able to. As we where at her house I saw Alex. He was eight years old and he was winking out of a window. I really had fear. So we get in and there he welcomed me. Our mothers drank a coffee together and we three slipped with a blanket down the stairs. When my mum want to go I was so sad that Karin said I should come to her the next day again. From this day on I also came to her place. When she left the kinder garden we were really unhappy because we didn’t see each other every day.

Now she is in the 5th form of the ORG Melk and we just can see each other a few times in the month. But the time which we have, we try to enjoy. Although we can’t see us every day, our comprehension for each other is getting better and better. We are in the same choir and we really love singing together. For the time after passing the exam we want to study together. I think we will have a lot of fun and laughing in the summer. At the end I just want to say that I hope we won’t loose us and that we always be friends.


My cat Petzi! November 28, 2007

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I‚ve got a tom-cat called Petzi. He is two years old and I got him on the 5 th November 2005. His far is brown, grey and white. He is a very funny cat because he’s a little bit crazy.

For example: He doesn’t go on the other side of the street, which is next to our house. He only walks on our site of the street because the neighbour’s cat is a black, ugly and brutal cat and it always want to fight with Petzi. So he doesn’t go on the other side of the street. *lol*

Now I want to describe a day of him.

I wakes up in my bed at six o’clock in the morning because I also wake up and he goes with me. Then he goes with me into the bathroom. There he lay down at the carpet while I clean my teeth and brush my hare and so on. Then I give him something to eat. He likes the food called „Sheba“ because there is picture of beautiful tabby-cat on the pan. While I have breakfast he eats his food. Then I go to school and he also goes out of the house but he gos to field where he hunts mice.

When I comes back from school he also come home with me. Normally he has hunt a mouse and he is proud. So he shows it to me. When I go into the house he left the mouse outside and then my dad has to take it away. He sits beside me when I eat my meal. After having meal he go with me when I makes my homework. He lie down next to my desk lamp because there it’s a little bit warm. So he sleeps when I make my homework.

In the afternoon when I start to play the guitar or the flute he quickly run away to my mum because he doesn’t like this music. But at the evening he returns when I began to watch TV. There is a blanket where he always sleeps when I watch TV. At night when I go to bed he lies at the end of my bed next to my toes.

My granny always says, „He is your little boy-friend!“ *lol* He is always by my side and really sweet. He also likes to purr loudly. That’s my crazy cat Petzi and I liked him.


My Homepage! Oktober 3, 2007

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Hi, there! Welcome to my Homepage.

I am Lisa Bernhard. I am 14 years old and I come from Ybbs in Austria. I have got one brother (7) and his name is Johannes.

I attend grammar school in Wieselburg.

I am tall and I think I am funny.

I‘ve got a cat called Petzi and two turtles called Seppi und Karli. *lol*

Ybbs is a small city in Lower Austria. We’ve got a good footballteam. But there are no good parties in Ybbs so it isn’t very interesting.


I love to: play the guitar, listen to music, write songs, play volleyball, go swiming, go to the cinema, meet friends and so on.


My favourite music is Linkin Park, Billy Talent, Red Hot Chili Peppers, DieÄrzte, Blink 182, Nirvana, Maroon 5, ……

I’m so happy because I will learn play the e-guitar next year.

My favourite subjects are physics, art and French. I speak German, English and a little bit of French.

The man on this photo is my dad and the city is Ybbs.

If you want to contact me, write me a comment.