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My personal opinion about Dan Brown Mai 31, 2008

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I think he is a great author and one of the most important thriller writer in our time. His books are special and good investigated. The themes in his books are so complex and he has much insider information about secret services and the NASA.

I hope his next book will soon appear and his new films. I’ve got the book “Angles & Demons” at home and so I will read it soon.

I think he has got humour because he says, for instance, that he is Christ but he writes about a thesis which says that Jesus wasn’t the son of God and so on.

I also like his books because there are always stories in which situation are where you think nobody knows what to do and the people in his books always found an exit.

I really love his books because they are so fancy. I’ve never read books about the NASA or the grail search.

Dan Brown elated me for the grail search and so I’ve read more books about it and I also had a presentation in German about the grail and the book The Da Vinci Code.

I hope I could also wake in you the fascination at Dan Brown books and if you want to know more about him then write me an e-mail or look at

Yours, Lisa


The Da Vinci Code- Sakrileg

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This is until now the only book written by Dan Brown which is filmed. I’ve read the book and seen the film and I think that the book is better than the film. But if you have seen the film, you can imagine the situation, pain and fear better.

(the Trailer of the film)

First I want to tell you something about the Dan Brown thesis. He is Christ and he says that this book is only for entertaining but there are many critics at this book not only from the church.

He says that there are still offspring from Jesus. You will see it in the film.

The main characters are Robert Langdon who is a singe explorer and Sophie Neveu who is the grandchild of the Louvre-headmaster and she works at the police.

The Louvre-headmaster Jacques Saunière was murdered by Silas, a monk. Jacques was a member of Prieuré de Sion, a confraternity of protectors of the offspring from Jesus.

Robert is suspected of murdering Jacques but Sophie doesn’t believe that and so she helped him to fly.

But Silas who helps Opus Dei, a sect, tries to kill them.

So Silas and the police want to find them. In the meantime the two found some traces and they think that Jacques wanted to give them the “real” grail. In the next film you will see what the “real” grail is.

They fly to Sir Leigh Teabing. He is a cripple and he knows something about Opus Dei.

He explained them what Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to tell us:

(In this part of the film the thesie of Brown is explained)

Suddenly the police came to his home and the three drove away with Teabing’s car. Afterwards they fly with Teabing’s private jet to England.
There Teabing shows his real face and the situation becomes very dangerous.

The end is open and very surprising.

I enjoined reading this book because it’s very well written.

There will be a continuance called “The Solomon Key” but Brown doesn’t say when it will appear. Now “Angles & Demons” is filmed and it is also with Tom Hanks.


Deception Point

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The most important part in this book plays a meteor.

I hope you know what the NASA is but I want to tell you something about the NRO. NRO means National Reconnaissance Office and it’s also a US secret service.

Rachel Sexton and Michael Tolland are the main characters. Rachel works in the NRO and is the daughter of the Senator Sedgwick Sexton. Michael Tolland is a sea biologist who has his own boat and crew and products sea documentaries.

Also important is the President of the US Zach Henry who likes the NASA and always gives money of the US to it.

Sedgwick Sexton is a senator who tries to get voters. He doesn’t like the NASA and he want to tell the population how many money the NASA needs.

One satellite of the NASA founds a meteor in a glacier in Greenland. As soon as possible a crew from the NASA flies there and get the meteor out of the ice. There should also be four scientists who aren’t from the NASA. Two of them are Rachel and Michael. She has normally the function to proof files if they are right or not and here she should check the files of the meteor. Michael should make a documentary about it because the people won’t understand the technical terms.

The found of the meteorite is very good for Zach Henry because he is in his campaign against Sedgwick Sexton. So Sexton looks very stupid because he said if the NASA found an important meteorite he eats a broom. The meteorite is so important because there are fossils in it which show that there is life in the space.

After the press conference, where the whole world hear about the meteor, Rachel and Michael find some strange things at the meteorite. Is the meteorite really from the space?

And they can’t see as fast as they were mixed up in a chase with three contract killer.

I think this book is also very exciting and complex. It is interesting and thrilling and there is also a sweet love story.


Digital Fortress

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This thriller is about a program called Diabolus.

First I want to explain you the NSA which plays an important role in this book. NSA means National Security Agency. In this secret institute of the US electronic files and e-mails become deciphered by a large computer the book says. This computer just tries to find dangerous topics for instance a keyed e-mail from a terrorist to another. So the can avoid assassinations and so on.

A famous programmer writes the program Diabolus and he says if you use this program you can code your e-mails and files so that the NSA can’t read it.

Everybody can download this program from the internet they just need a code to start it. This code should be at the ring of the programmer.

So to the two main characters Susan Fletcher, who works in the NSA, and her boyfriend David Becker, who speaks Spain (like Dan Brown) and plays squash (like Dan Brown).

The programmer died and David should bring to ring back to the NSA because the can destroy the ring and than nobody can open Diabolus. The chef of the NSA loads Diabolus down and tries with the supercomputer (TRANSLATR) to open it.

But there is a killer, who wants to kill David. A very exciting hunt begins.

In the mean time the TRANSLATR blasts and burn down because the program was too difficult to decode.

The end is very surprising and if you want to know it you must read it yourself.

This book is very exciting story but difficult to understand. I have to read the end two times because it was so complex.


Dan Brown

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One of my favourite authors is Dan Brown. He writes thrillers with special themes. I’ve read three books from him and I want to tell you something about him.

He was born on 22nd June 1964 in Exeter (New Hampshire, US) as a son of a winning math professor and a good sacred musician. There are so many differences between science and religion but Dan grow up surrounded where no differences were between religion and science. After his graduation at the Phillips-Exeter-Academy-Grammar School, he travelled to Spain. After this journey he begins to study English, Spain and a few years conte. There he first heard about the thesis that Leonardo Da Vinci had a message in his works. He is married with Blythe Brown. After his study period he became English and Spain teacher and he wrote his first book called “187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman”. This book didn’t become famous and so he began with his inquest for his next book “Digital Fortress” (German: Diabolus).

In June 1966 he cancelled his job as teacher. 1998 the book appeared.

Then he began with his inquests for his next book “Angles & Demons” (German: Illuminati). There he also made an educational joinery at Europe. As this book appeared in April 2000 his inquests for his next book “Deception Point” (German: Meteor) were finished. Deception Point appeared in August 2001. These books didn’t make out a famous author there was a real bestseller missing.

This book appeared on 18th March 2003. Sakrileg-The Da Vinci Code came in first in the hardcover-bestseller list. It was translated in 44 languages and in Libanon it is banned. 2006 this book was filmed with Tom Hanks.

If you want to know more about him:

In the following articles I want to tell you something about the three books I’ve read: Digital Fortress, Deception Point and Sakrileg.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Dezember 31, 2007

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I bought this book in July when it was released to the public. I bought the English version. Thrilled I started to read but in the first chapter I broke up reading because it was too difficult to read for me. There were so many words which I didn’t understand because I haven’t learned it yet. I thought that I should read the German version first which is called “Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes” But between the publication of the English and the German version of the book were three months. I read the first Harry Potter book called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” six years ago and so I didn’t remember everything of the book. So I decided to read the whole Harry Potter serie again because I have got the whole six bands in German.


 I started with the first band in the end of July and I was ready with the 6th band in the end of September. I had remembered everything of the story about Harry Potter and I wanted to read the 7th band but it got November and I didn’t have read this special and finial book. But on Christmas Eve I got the final book and at once I started to read until the morning and on December the 29th I finished. Now I start to read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in English and now I understand what the book is about because I read the German version.


And I think this book is the best band of the seven Harry Potter bands because it is exciting and adventurous. It is my favourite book.(On the second picture you can see all the Harry Potter books at a stamp and on the third pic is the writer of Harry Potter Joanna K. Rowling)