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A lost wallet Dezember 31, 2007

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On October the 22nd my friend Theres and I went to the shopping centre Wieselburg because it was my birthday. It is a stresful day and we were happy that we had some relaxing time.

We were direct in the supermarket “Eurospar” and I wanted to buy a roll with a sausage in it as I notice that I hadn’t got my wallet. I asked Theres, “Can you lend me some money?” because I didn’t want that I cannot buy the roll. After we pass the cash I said that I didn’t find my wallet and I searched for it in my bag. We went to the post were we were at last but they also hadn’t find the billfold. So I said, “We couldn´t do anything because the wallet is stolen. There were only 15 € in it and nothing else.” But I thought, “What will my mum say when she found out that I’ve lost my wallet?” Then we went to DM and I wanted to buy a “Labello”.

As I was used I looked in my bag and searched for money as I all of a suddenly saw my billfold. I looked in it and found my Bipacard, the library pass and 14, 10 €. Excited I shouted to Theres,” I recovered my wallet and there is 90 cent less in it as there were before I lost it. Please look into yours.” “Yes, there are 10€ in it”, answered she. “Aren’t there 90 cent more in it.” You must know the roll cost 90 cent. “Oh yes. But the money I lent you was exactly 10 centThat’s strange” And we went back to our school.You could say that we hadn’t search enough and that it was a happenstance. But I still can’t understand how the 90 cent where less in my wallet and more in Theres’s wallet. I think it was a little bit magic.