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The Da Vinci Code- Sakrileg Mai 31, 2008

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This is until now the only book written by Dan Brown which is filmed. I’ve read the book and seen the film and I think that the book is better than the film. But if you have seen the film, you can imagine the situation, pain and fear better.

(the Trailer of the film)

First I want to tell you something about the Dan Brown thesis. He is Christ and he says that this book is only for entertaining but there are many critics at this book not only from the church.

He says that there are still offspring from Jesus. You will see it in the film.

The main characters are Robert Langdon who is a singe explorer and Sophie Neveu who is the grandchild of the Louvre-headmaster and she works at the police.

The Louvre-headmaster Jacques Saunière was murdered by Silas, a monk. Jacques was a member of Prieuré de Sion, a confraternity of protectors of the offspring from Jesus.

Robert is suspected of murdering Jacques but Sophie doesn’t believe that and so she helped him to fly.

But Silas who helps Opus Dei, a sect, tries to kill them.

So Silas and the police want to find them. In the meantime the two found some traces and they think that Jacques wanted to give them the “real” grail. In the next film you will see what the “real” grail is.

They fly to Sir Leigh Teabing. He is a cripple and he knows something about Opus Dei.

He explained them what Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to tell us:

(In this part of the film the thesie of Brown is explained)

Suddenly the police came to his home and the three drove away with Teabing’s car. Afterwards they fly with Teabing’s private jet to England.
There Teabing shows his real face and the situation becomes very dangerous.

The end is open and very surprising.

I enjoined reading this book because it’s very well written.

There will be a continuance called “The Solomon Key” but Brown doesn’t say when it will appear. Now “Angles & Demons” is filmed and it is also with Tom Hanks.


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