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My personal opinion about Dan Brown Mai 31, 2008

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I think he is a great author and one of the most important thriller writer in our time. His books are special and good investigated. The themes in his books are so complex and he has much insider information about secret services and the NASA.

I hope his next book will soon appear and his new films. I’ve got the book “Angles & Demons” at home and so I will read it soon.

I think he has got humour because he says, for instance, that he is Christ but he writes about a thesis which says that Jesus wasn’t the son of God and so on.

I also like his books because there are always stories in which situation are where you think nobody knows what to do and the people in his books always found an exit.

I really love his books because they are so fancy. I’ve never read books about the NASA or the grail search.

Dan Brown elated me for the grail search and so I’ve read more books about it and I also had a presentation in German about the grail and the book The Da Vinci Code.

I hope I could also wake in you the fascination at Dan Brown books and if you want to know more about him then write me an e-mail or look at

Yours, Lisa


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