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Digital Fortress Mai 31, 2008

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This thriller is about a program called Diabolus.

First I want to explain you the NSA which plays an important role in this book. NSA means National Security Agency. In this secret institute of the US electronic files and e-mails become deciphered by a large computer the book says. This computer just tries to find dangerous topics for instance a keyed e-mail from a terrorist to another. So the can avoid assassinations and so on.

A famous programmer writes the program Diabolus and he says if you use this program you can code your e-mails and files so that the NSA can’t read it.

Everybody can download this program from the internet they just need a code to start it. This code should be at the ring of the programmer.

So to the two main characters Susan Fletcher, who works in the NSA, and her boyfriend David Becker, who speaks Spain (like Dan Brown) and plays squash (like Dan Brown).

The programmer died and David should bring to ring back to the NSA because the can destroy the ring and than nobody can open Diabolus. The chef of the NSA loads Diabolus down and tries with the supercomputer (TRANSLATR) to open it.

But there is a killer, who wants to kill David. A very exciting hunt begins.

In the mean time the TRANSLATR blasts and burn down because the program was too difficult to decode.

The end is very surprising and if you want to know it you must read it yourself.

This book is very exciting story but difficult to understand. I have to read the end two times because it was so complex.


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