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Deception Point Mai 31, 2008

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The most important part in this book plays a meteor.

I hope you know what the NASA is but I want to tell you something about the NRO. NRO means National Reconnaissance Office and it’s also a US secret service.

Rachel Sexton and Michael Tolland are the main characters. Rachel works in the NRO and is the daughter of the Senator Sedgwick Sexton. Michael Tolland is a sea biologist who has his own boat and crew and products sea documentaries.

Also important is the President of the US Zach Henry who likes the NASA and always gives money of the US to it.

Sedgwick Sexton is a senator who tries to get voters. He doesn’t like the NASA and he want to tell the population how many money the NASA needs.

One satellite of the NASA founds a meteor in a glacier in Greenland. As soon as possible a crew from the NASA flies there and get the meteor out of the ice. There should also be four scientists who aren’t from the NASA. Two of them are Rachel and Michael. She has normally the function to proof files if they are right or not and here she should check the files of the meteor. Michael should make a documentary about it because the people won’t understand the technical terms.

The found of the meteorite is very good for Zach Henry because he is in his campaign against Sedgwick Sexton. So Sexton looks very stupid because he said if the NASA found an important meteorite he eats a broom. The meteorite is so important because there are fossils in it which show that there is life in the space.

After the press conference, where the whole world hear about the meteor, Rachel and Michael find some strange things at the meteorite. Is the meteorite really from the space?

And they can’t see as fast as they were mixed up in a chase with three contract killer.

I think this book is also very exciting and complex. It is interesting and thrilling and there is also a sweet love story.


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