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Theres <3 Mai 30, 2008

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Theres Scheiblauer, one of my best friends, is 14 years old and has birthday on 18 of May 1994. She lives in Ybbs her father because her mother lives in Vienna. Two years ago Theres moved from Vienna to Ybbs. We are in the same class in BG/BRG Wieselburg since she came to Ybbs.

As you can see on the picture, Theres has got brown hair and blue-green eyes. She isn’t too short but not really tall and she is slim.

We are friends since two years and now I know her very well. She really loves to go swimming, running and cycling. She’s also a very good table tennis player and so she decided to go to the club in Ybbs. She also loves to play tennis and together with Michaela we want to visit a tennis camp in summer. Therefore Theres is very sporty. But she also loves shopping, watching “Germany’s next Topmodel”, texting, going out and having fun. She really can be crazy. (She also likes to sit on her swing and writing poems there. *lol*)

Now something to her character: She is very honest and helpful. So I can tell her all my secrets because I know that she won’t tell it anybody. Theres is also self-confident, funny, happy, polite, smart, balanced and cute. Her parents live apart from each other and Theres has no siblings.

After the A-levels she wants to study journalism and economy and she wants to become a good journalist.Theres, Michaela, Doris & I always make very crazy things and I think that our friendship will go on for years. Next year we won’t go in the same class because Michaela and I are going to change the school and Doris and Theres are going to go in the BG/BRG Wieselburg on. I hope that we will always be friends.


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