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My granny Mai 30, 2008

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My grandma’ Rosa Zierfuß is 59 years old and she has birthday on 26th July, 1948. She lives in Schöllenbach next to Petztenkirchen and she’s got four siblings. There are her elder sisters Aloisia, Hemine, Maria and her younger sister Magarethe. Her mother Hermine Bugl lives with Luise, Luise’s husband and their children in Unterhaus in Sarling. Granny’s dad died in a car accident.

My grandma is married with Josef Zierfuß since 26th October 19 . They have two children: Regina, who is my mum, and Manuela, who is my godmother. So some hobbies from my grandma: riding her bike, going shopping with me, travelling, going into spas and her sauna, caring about her grandchildren, laughing and so on.

Five years ago she has got a tom-cat called Blacky, which was very funny. But he died because he was too old. Now she hasn’t got an animal although she loves cats. Moreover she also loves my cat Petzi.

Rosa is a good grandma. I always go to her on Tuesday because I’ve got school in the afternoon. There are two lessons where I’ve off and so I go in this time to her. I really enjoy coming to her because she’s the best cook I know and she cares good about me. After having meal we go shopping in the “Citycentre”.

(from left to right: my grandpa Franz Bernhard, my grandma Auguste Bernhard, my grandma Rosa Zierfuß and my grandpa Josef Zierfuß)

She’s the best grandma and I hope that we always will understand each other as good as we can now.


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