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My brother Mai 30, 2008

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I’ve got a 7 year old brother named Johannes. His birthday is on 4th July 2000. He is 1, 40 meter tall and he has got brown hair and green-brown eyes.

He is a funny and bit crazy guy. He is a naughty little beggar. He can also be cheeky and he loves to take centre stage. He also is dependent for instance he doesn’t want to bring himself something to drink.

He loves to play football, Buzz, watch “Die wilden Kerle”, collect football stickers, swim, go to/watch football matches, play the guitar and so on.

He has two turtles called Seppi and Karli, which love to eat salad.

He plays football in the U9 in Ybbs and he is a real fan. He likes Rapid and has lots of green things. His best friend Jakob is also a Rapid fan and the two where on a match already together.

After the elementary school he wants to go in the BG/BRG Wieselburg and after four years there he wants to attend a HTL in Krems. He thinks that he will become a famous football star or a master builder. I don’t think that what he says now will come true because now he is so young and he can’t know what he will be in ten years.

I hope I have told you the most important things of my brother.


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