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A lost wallet Dezember 31, 2007

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On October the 22nd my friend Theres and I went to the shopping centre Wieselburg because it was my birthday. It is a stresful day and we were happy that we had some relaxing time.

We were direct in the supermarket “Eurospar” and I wanted to buy a roll with a sausage in it as I notice that I hadn’t got my wallet. I asked Theres, “Can you lend me some money?” because I didn’t want that I cannot buy the roll. After we pass the cash I said that I didn’t find my wallet and I searched for it in my bag. We went to the post were we were at last but they also hadn’t find the billfold. So I said, “We couldn´t do anything because the wallet is stolen. There were only 15 € in it and nothing else.” But I thought, “What will my mum say when she found out that I’ve lost my wallet?” Then we went to DM and I wanted to buy a “Labello”.

As I was used I looked in my bag and searched for money as I all of a suddenly saw my billfold. I looked in it and found my Bipacard, the library pass and 14, 10 €. Excited I shouted to Theres,” I recovered my wallet and there is 90 cent less in it as there were before I lost it. Please look into yours.” “Yes, there are 10€ in it”, answered she. “Aren’t there 90 cent more in it.” You must know the roll cost 90 cent. “Oh yes. But the money I lent you was exactly 10 centThat’s strange” And we went back to our school.You could say that we hadn’t search enough and that it was a happenstance. But I still can’t understand how the 90 cent where less in my wallet and more in Theres’s wallet. I think it was a little bit magic.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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I bought this book in July when it was released to the public. I bought the English version. Thrilled I started to read but in the first chapter I broke up reading because it was too difficult to read for me. There were so many words which I didn’t understand because I haven’t learned it yet. I thought that I should read the German version first which is called “Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes” But between the publication of the English and the German version of the book were three months. I read the first Harry Potter book called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” six years ago and so I didn’t remember everything of the book. So I decided to read the whole Harry Potter serie again because I have got the whole six bands in German.


 I started with the first band in the end of July and I was ready with the 6th band in the end of September. I had remembered everything of the story about Harry Potter and I wanted to read the 7th band but it got November and I didn’t have read this special and finial book. But on Christmas Eve I got the final book and at once I started to read until the morning and on December the 29th I finished. Now I start to read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in English and now I understand what the book is about because I read the German version.


And I think this book is the best band of the seven Harry Potter bands because it is exciting and adventurous. It is my favourite book.(On the second picture you can see all the Harry Potter books at a stamp and on the third pic is the writer of Harry Potter Joanna K. Rowling)