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My cat Petzi! November 28, 2007

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I‚ve got a tom-cat called Petzi. He is two years old and I got him on the 5 th November 2005. His far is brown, grey and white. He is a very funny cat because he’s a little bit crazy.

For example: He doesn’t go on the other side of the street, which is next to our house. He only walks on our site of the street because the neighbour’s cat is a black, ugly and brutal cat and it always want to fight with Petzi. So he doesn’t go on the other side of the street. *lol*

Now I want to describe a day of him.

I wakes up in my bed at six o’clock in the morning because I also wake up and he goes with me. Then he goes with me into the bathroom. There he lay down at the carpet while I clean my teeth and brush my hare and so on. Then I give him something to eat. He likes the food called „Sheba“ because there is picture of beautiful tabby-cat on the pan. While I have breakfast he eats his food. Then I go to school and he also goes out of the house but he gos to field where he hunts mice.

When I comes back from school he also come home with me. Normally he has hunt a mouse and he is proud. So he shows it to me. When I go into the house he left the mouse outside and then my dad has to take it away. He sits beside me when I eat my meal. After having meal he go with me when I makes my homework. He lie down next to my desk lamp because there it’s a little bit warm. So he sleeps when I make my homework.

In the afternoon when I start to play the guitar or the flute he quickly run away to my mum because he doesn’t like this music. But at the evening he returns when I began to watch TV. There is a blanket where he always sleeps when I watch TV. At night when I go to bed he lies at the end of my bed next to my toes.

My granny always says, „He is your little boy-friend!“ *lol* He is always by my side and really sweet. He also likes to purr loudly. That’s my crazy cat Petzi and I liked him.


2 Responses to “My cat Petzi!”

  1. michaelaluger Says:

    Hey nice text!!
    I think Petzi is a cool tom-cat!
    Yes, I can remember this day! It was very funny!! =)
    Love, Michaela

  2. magdalenaliebmann Says:

    Hey Lisa!
    I like your article and I like your tom-cat! lol
    Your cat is very, very cute!
    And thank you for you comment.
    Hdl Lena

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