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Nova Rock! November 30, 2007

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“Lisa, Lisa! Wake Up! Come on!”  It was my friend Michaela. Yesterday I spend the night with her on her house. ”What is it? It’s Saturday ten o’clock and yesterday we stayed up all night”, I asked nerved. “Lisa. Do you remember when we joined at the raffle to win tickets for Nova Rock?” “Yes, I do. Is that important now? I am tired”, I answered and threw a cushion after her. She said disgusted, “Oh. You shouldn’t be angry. The postman was here and he brought a letter. WE HAVE WON THE TICKETS!” “What?” I needed some time to realize but suddenly I was wide awake, “We have won? Yeah! Yeah. That isn’t true. Oh don’t look at me. I have understood.” We phoned my mum and talked with her mum and they allowed us to go to the Nova Rock. We never were as happy as we were at this day.


At once we started to make plans. We knew that at the Nova Rock festival were lots of bands. It started at 16th June 2007 and lasted till 18th June 2007 and it was in Nickelsdorf. There were two stages where bands played. For example: Linkin Park, Billy Talent, Incubus or Papa Roach. We thought about the tent which we needed and we phoned our friends who also wanted to went to the festival.


The day when the festival should start went closer and closer. We started to pack our stuff. My mum drives us to Nickelsdorf. It is fascinating. There where people and “Toi Toi” toilets and it was so big.



There you could also go bungee jumped. Michaela and I went to the station and jumped. During the jump I woke up suddenly. ”Oh, It was just a dream”, I thought. But suddenly Michaela phone me and said, “You won’t believe me. We have won the tickets for the Nova Rock festival.” “Oh really”, I shouted and smiled.


My cat Petzi! November 28, 2007

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I‚ve got a tom-cat called Petzi. He is two years old and I got him on the 5 th November 2005. His far is brown, grey and white. He is a very funny cat because he’s a little bit crazy.

For example: He doesn’t go on the other side of the street, which is next to our house. He only walks on our site of the street because the neighbour’s cat is a black, ugly and brutal cat and it always want to fight with Petzi. So he doesn’t go on the other side of the street. *lol*

Now I want to describe a day of him.

I wakes up in my bed at six o’clock in the morning because I also wake up and he goes with me. Then he goes with me into the bathroom. There he lay down at the carpet while I clean my teeth and brush my hare and so on. Then I give him something to eat. He likes the food called „Sheba“ because there is picture of beautiful tabby-cat on the pan. While I have breakfast he eats his food. Then I go to school and he also goes out of the house but he gos to field where he hunts mice.

When I comes back from school he also come home with me. Normally he has hunt a mouse and he is proud. So he shows it to me. When I go into the house he left the mouse outside and then my dad has to take it away. He sits beside me when I eat my meal. After having meal he go with me when I makes my homework. He lie down next to my desk lamp because there it’s a little bit warm. So he sleeps when I make my homework.

In the afternoon when I start to play the guitar or the flute he quickly run away to my mum because he doesn’t like this music. But at the evening he returns when I began to watch TV. There is a blanket where he always sleeps when I watch TV. At night when I go to bed he lies at the end of my bed next to my toes.

My granny always says, „He is your little boy-friend!“ *lol* He is always by my side and really sweet. He also likes to purr loudly. That’s my crazy cat Petzi and I liked him.